event payment system

We provide scalable, easy-to-deploy cashless payment solutions that benefit everyone - from organizers to guests.

Increase revenues, reduce queues / cash handling and gain valuable insight using our technical solutions.

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Higher revenues

Cashless events often enjoy up to 30% higher revenues because of a combination of effects (psychological, reduced overheads, sales optimization, etc).

Control, stats and auditing

Remotely manage and oversee any aspect of your cashless operation online using our feature-packed back-office.
Monitor sales and inventory of each POS in real time.

No cash, no fraud

Eliminate security and accouting issues by consolidating cash handling.
Guests can top-up their wristbands at designated top-up stations at your event or on-line.

No queues

Nobody likes queues. Reduce or eliminate them with super-fast, truly frictionless transactions.

Features and


  • Cashless events enjoy up to 30% higher revenues

    Customers spend more with cashless tech;
    After the refund period, some guests forfeit their remaining balance to the organizers.

  • Reduces on-site handling of cash and/or tokens

    Eliminate theft and security overhead by going 100% cashless.

  • Real-time reporting of all sales

    Our back-office provides the tools you need for a smoothly running operation.

  • Online, offline or a combination of both

    Eventizer can operate over the internet, in the local area network or completely offline.
    Our devices have 3G and WiFi connectivity.

  • Lost / stolen wristbands can be cancelled and balances transferred

    Wristbands can be linked to identities. Stolen or broken wristbands can be cancelled on-line or on-site at any time.

  • Multiple price matrixes are available (per zone, per bar)

    Every wristband or group has configurable settings (discounts, limits, etc).

  • Customer balance checking feature

    Balance of a wristband can be checked at any point of sale and at dedicated balance check stations.

  • Loyalty programs (for nightclubs and recurring events)

    Increase sales even more by offering loyality programs to your customers.


  • Very fast payment experience

    Average transaction takes less than 0.2 seconds.

  • Detailed history

    Guests can link their wristband to their online account and access detailed account history at any time.

  • No wallet to lose
  • Loyality programs

Eventizer runs on cool devices

Our easy-to-use handheld devices will save precious space in the bar and at other points of sale. The user interface is very intuitive and easy to grasp.

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